Harmonizing your duties as a physician with the business elements of medicine.

Doctors can become great negotiators! Learn how important negotiating will be to your future success.

To get the job, you need to sell your best qualities. There is a best evidence approach to make a winning impression.

You need to have solid information leading up to your negotiation. We tell you what you need, where to get it, and how to use it.

Second Negotiation. This time with a team.

Bargaining is as much about the people involved as the outcome. Create a level of trust and confidence that acts as the basis of your long and productive relationship.

You need a strategy going into the negotiation. We show you how to use your market research and the economic science of bargaining theory to develop a successful plan.

Each side will need to make concessions to reach an agreement. Be certain yours count.


Lunch and discussion.

The moves that top negotiators use to gain concessions.

How to jump start a stalled negotiation.

You’ve heard the term “win-win”, but do you know what it really means? Did you know that 80% or more of medical negotiations can benefit both parties if you have the skillset?

Wrap up the day and prepare for the Day 2 morning negotiations- A 30 minute realistic scenario where you negotiate for your salary. If you purchased a market value report, the negotiation will be based on your real expected compensation.

The most valuable simulation since ACLS. Practice negotiating for your salary! We’ll keep it light and educational. With this practice, you’ll be a veritable pro when the real one comes around!

Lunch: Review and open discussion of salary negotiation.

Basic contract review. Learn what to expect to see on the contract. What to discuss with your legal representation. Be certain that what are promised is delivered in your contract, without the legal tricks and traps.

Effective use of the organization, management, resources, and administration to obtain your goals. Despite the frequent negative connotations, “Office Politics” is just another way of saying “Efficient Organizational Utility”. Understanding the science behind being a skilled organization manager will take your career to the next level.

You won’t agree with everyone all the time. Conflicts will happen. Despite our education and experience, physicians are terrible at conflict. They allow emotions and poor judgements destroy relationship, lead to long term harm, and ultimately destroy their careers. Learn how to assert yourself in a mature, but effective manner. Learn to resolve conflict, even with partners who are less than cooperative or who wield more power.

You’ve finally nailed that job and you are now getting a big paycheck! So why does it seem that you feel less financially secure than ever? It’s the big paycheck paradox- you aren’t as rich as you think you are. You need skilled financial guidance to achieve your dreams.

Review the Day and final questions.