Market Value Report

You must know what you are worth before you can get a fair deal.

True market value is easily the most critical piece of information you must have.


People spend more time researching the value of their next car than researching the value of their next job!

Think about how you would approach buying a new car. You check out the features and the makes and models you like (sort of like a job interview for cars) and then you prepare to bargain. The first thing you’ll look at is a market value report for vehicles, with the range of actual prices being paid for cars bought in your region. As a matter of fact, you’d be crazy to even think about buying a car without doing this research.

Unfortunately, the most common mistake of early career physicians is searching for a job without knowing the market conditions. What is an average salary package? How much is the typical student loan repayment plan? What is the expected signing bonus? How does the salary from one region of the county compare to another?

You simply cannot expect a fair employment package if you don’t have an accurate detailed market report. The information you may gather from asking around or web sources is usually significantly inaccurate due to reporting bias – Doctors inflate their reported salaries and administrators lower it in a hope to keep costs down.

Only information from actual payment sources are accurate- and this data is only available from private sources and at high expense.  Just to get access to the data is a minimum $3000+ investment!     Fortunately, Physician Advocates LLC has access to these services and can provide you with a comprehensive, high quality Market Research Report at an affordable price.  It’s the single best investment you can make for your future!